Dr. Stella Kahn

Practicing Cosmetic Dentistry In Beverly Hills, With A Specialty in Porcelain Veneers for nearly a decade.

Her state of the art technology and Dr. Kahn’s passion for dentistry art, and willingness to remain a pupil of the ever changing cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques taught by the worlds most renowned cosmetic dentists.

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It’s the Perfect Version of Your Smile

Our custom dental veneers are made by Dr. Kahn and her ceramists. Dr. Kahn, your Beverly Hills dentist, fixes them to your teeth. Ceramic veneers are not only as strong as steel, but they stay dazzling white and shiny for decades without staining. Your smile will be brighter for years. The procedure is so easy and effective that it’s no surprise that our porcelain dental veneers are so popular.

Porcelain dental veneers fills in gaps and fix cracks in your teeth, making them all the right size and shape. Perfect teeth can make you feel years younger and give you a lot to smile about! We use digital technology and an easy-to-see wax model to help us envision your future perfect smile. You get the chance to grant your consent to the plans, and then we submit them to the porcelain veneers Beverly Hills studio to be turned into reality. The experienced dental ceramists laboriously form each veneer and deliver the set back to us. Then, they can be attached to your teeth and you’ll have a new smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Look Your Very Best

Whatever the imperfection is that’s making you self conscious about your smile, Dr. Kahn can shape and in extreme cases, reconstruct your smile into a smile you’re show off everywhere.

Beverly Hills Star Quality

Many Hollywood stars have graced the halls of Dr. Kahns dental office, all looking for that picture grabbing perfect smile. You’ll be amazed at the cosmetic beauty that is performed in the office, call today and schedule a free consultation.

Porcelain Veneers Perfect

The artistry that Dr. Kahn puts into every Porcelain Veneer patient is nothing short of spectacular. Many patients have been brought to tears upon seeing their new smile for the first time.


Everything’s Better with a Perfect Smile

When the smile makeover is complete, our guests usually find that their new smiles have transformed their looks beyond anything they’d imagined. Their new stunning smiles take years of aging from the appearance of their faces.

Two Visits to the Perfect Smile

You can get your smile transformed with a minimum of hassle with Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Kahn. In only two visits, you’ll have plenty to smile about. Your dazzling teeth and younger appearance will keep people wondering how you did it!

Enchanting Beauty

Beverly Hills Porcelain Veneers are at the core of the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Strong as steel and thin as fingernails, porcelain veneers give your smile a symmetry and shine to make you proud. Our individualized veneers, together with expert bonding, are able to:Reduce Big Cracks | Freshen up smiles | Exchange white teeth for gummy smiles | Improve smile symmetry | Smooth irregular teeth | Lift ground-down teeth.

  • I knew going in my expectations were out of this world high, I knew I was asking for a miracle.  I figured if the dentist came anywhere close, I would be happy.  Dr. Kahn not only came close, she completely fixed my teeth in ways I never knew was possible.  I didn't know you could completely change what you were given genetically, I WOULD NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!  I love you Dr. Kahn.–Mindy Thompson

  • Simply the best dentist in the entire state!!–Mike B.

  • They treat my 4 year old daughter and my 82 year old mother with great care.  –Sandy L.